wheel1 W3S2 [wi:l] n
1¦(on a vehicle)¦
2¦(for controlling a vehicle)¦
3¦(in a machine)¦
4 the wheels of something
5 the wheel of fortune/life/time etc
6 (set of) wheels
7 wheels within wheels
8 set the wheels in motion/set the wheels turning
9 a/the big wheel
[: Old English; Origin: hweogol, hweol]
1.) ¦(ON A VEHICLE)¦
one of the round things under a car, bus, bicycle etc that turns when it moves
front/rear/back wheel
The car slid sideways, its rear wheels spinning .
on wheels
a trolley on wheels
(=having two, three etc wheels)
a three-wheeled car
(=a bicycle with two or three wheels)
2.) ¦(FOR CONTROLLING A VEHICLE)¦ [usually singular]
the round piece of equipment that you turn to make a car, ship etc move in a particular direction
at/behind the wheel
(=driving a car)
The driver must have fallen asleep at the wheel .
Shall I take the wheel (=drive instead of someone else) ?
3.) ¦(IN A MACHINE)¦
a flat round part in a machine that turns round when the machine operates
a gear wheel
4.) the wheels of sth
the way in which a complicated organization, system etc works
We hope that the next government will do more to keep the wheels of industry turning (=help it to work smoothly and easily) .
oil/grease the wheels (of sth)
(=help something to work more smoothly and easily)
The money people spend at Christmas oils the wheels of the economy.
5.) the wheel of fortune/life/time etc
the way in which things change in life, or in which the same things seem to happen again after a period of time
We are powerless to stop the wheel of history.
6.) (set of) wheels
spoken a car
Do you like my new wheels?
7.) wheels within wheels
spoken used to say that a situation is complicated and difficult to understand because it involves processes and decisions that you know nothing about
8.) set the wheels in motion/set the wheels turning
to make a particular process start
It only took one phone call to set the wheels in motion.
9.) a/the big wheel informal
an important person
He became a big wheel in the East India Company.
put your shoulder to the wheel atshoulder1 (8), put a spoke in sb's wheel atspoke2 (2), reinvent the wheel atreinvent
wheel 2
wheel2 v
1.) [T always + adverb/preposition]
a) to push something that has wheels somewhere
Kate wheeled her bike into the garage.
b) to move someone or something that is in or on something that has wheels
Two nurses were wheeling him into the operating theatre.
if birds or planes wheel, they fly around in circles
3.) [I]
to turn around suddenly
wheel around
She wheeled around and started yelling at us.
4.) wheel and deal
to do a lot of complicated and sometimes dishonest deals, especially in politics or business
wheel in/out [wheel sb/sth<=>in/out] [i]phr v
to publicly produce someone or something and use them to help you achieve something
Then the prosecution wheeled in a surprise witness.
The government wheeled out the same old arguments to support its election campaign.

Dictionary of contemporary English. 2013.

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